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Emeren North America develops utility and community scale solar, solar plus storage, and stand-alone storage projects. As greenfield developers, we are helping drive the transition to renewable energy by bringing projects from concept to reality.

We are a project developer.

Our team includes industry veterans and rising talent with diverse backgrounds and skills in land development, engineering design and optimization, permitting, transmission and interconnection, and power contracting, working together to bring creative solutions to complex challenges. We are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to creating long-term value for our project partners, customers, landowner partners, and local communities.

As part of a public company, we have the resources and long-term vision necessary to deliver successful renewable energy projects.

We are headquartered in Connecticut with offices in California and developers, engineers, and project managers in eight US states and in Canada.

What we do.

Emeren North America specializes in greenfield development. We identify optimal locations for solar and storage projects through a rigorous screening process, engage and negotiate leases with landowner partners, and then manage environmental assessments, permitting, utility interconnection, and power contracts to ensure the delivery of clean reliable energy to the grid.

Our thorough and disciplined approach reduces risk and delivers high quality projects for the long-term benefit of our customers, landowners, and local communities.

Deploying capital resources to complete and capitalize on projects.

Emeren North America is active in key renewable energy markets throughout the United States.

We have long experience in states with existing community solar programs such as Maine, Minnesota, and New York and are expanding into other markets as new programs emerge in states such as New Mexico and Pennsylvania.

For utility-scale solar, solar + storage, and stand-alone storage we are active in markets with robust renewable energy and storage goals or high demand for clean power from energy buyers including California, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania as well as unique opportunities in other states such as Alabama, Florida, and New Mexico. We are engaged in early-stage development activities in other markets such as the TVA region and the Southwest Power Pool.

Unparalleled solar project development assets, knowledge and implementation.

Our resources and assets make it easy for investors, landowners, and other solar power stakeholders to develop sustainable, profitable projects on land that might otherwise struggle to create ROI. In other words, we guide projects from start to finish, helping stakeholders avoid pitfalls—and seize opportunities—along the way.

The key to a successful renewable energy project is a long-term relationship between landowner and developer. Developed correctly, a renewable energy project can provide stable and long-term income with low impact on the land and benefits to the broader community. Emeren North America is dedicated to responsible solar development and honoring commitments to our landowner partners and communities.


Long-term, stable income: a solar energy lease provides steady income at rates typically higher than other farming or ranching uses.

Low impact: solar farms have low impact and are removed at the end of the lease allowing the land to return to agriculture.

Community benefits: solar farms generate increased local property tax revenues as well as local jobs.

The Emeren Approach

Emeren thoroughly pre-screens sites to ensure they are suitable for solar development prior to approaching landowners with a lease proposal.

Successful solar farm development requires expertise, money, and time. Emeren has an experienced team and as a part of a New York Stock Exchange listed company, the resources and long-term vision to bring projects to fruition.

Our team of developers and project managers work hard to ensure your trust in us as your development partner is well founded with clear communication and follow-through as the development process progresses.

Projects in North America


Emeren North America has developed, sold, and constructed community and utility solar projects in the United States and Canada. Notable project sites range from Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and California, to Ontario, Canada.

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